Advantages of Using Whiteboard Videos


White board videos refer to a person recording his voice and motion as he or she tries to explain or present something using a whiteboard or other similar media. There are several advantages in using this technique. Actually we we have recently got our whiteboard video done from get explainer videos team and it was lot to learn , so just trying to share my learning with everyone.

First, you can hold the attention of the audience because your presentation is not interrupted by your lapses or distractive mannerisms. After recording your presentation, you can edit it so that when you show it to your audience, it is clear, concise and free from distractive nuances of speech or action.

Second, using a whiteboard videos allow the presenter to see in advance the presentation and to determine if it can capture the interest of the audience or not, and if there are parts that should not be included or some ideas that should be added. In short, you can ensure the quality of your presentation using this tool because you can preview it and make some revisions when necessary.

Third, using whiteboard videos instead of a live presentation is one good way of preventing the audience from interrupting your presentation. There are people who simply ignore your instruction to ask questions during the allotted time. This distracts you as well as other people in the audience. If you need to present in a given time, these disturbances can delay you and make you leave some important points because your time is almost up.

Fourth, whiteboard videos would allow the presentation to go on even without your physical presence. In fact, most whiteboard videos are used for webinars. There are lots of these types of explainer video presentation on You Tube. They are used as online learning resource.

Last, you can earn money from your videos. Webinars are not for free. People have to pay in order to download the whole materials. If your topic is interesting, many people will be willing to pay just to learn from it.

Video Conferencing Justified

Video conferencing has become a popular tool in the work environment because it curbs the common distractions associated with the office. There is value addition of working from a distant or remote location when you can interact with colleagues on a face to face basis in real time even though you will not be with them physically. Here are some reasons as to why video conferencing should be used in today’s work environment.

It is easier to assess an individual’s reactions by studying their body language as you can see how they respond to your conversation. It gives you the opportunity to tailor your own responses to their reactions since you can actually see them. This provides you with the edge in key negotiations.

The video conferencing tool improves working relationships within the office environment because you get acquainted in a better way with colleagues and clients as well. There is a more revealing nature in communication because people are able to see each other allowing for the opportunity to get to know each other better. You will be more comfortable with a person you are more familiar with as a result of seeing each other more frequently.

There is an improvement in productivity because you can save more time due to less travelling or commuting. This increase in productivity becomes rewarding because as long as more work gets one on time, you become more valuable to the organization. Better performance could lead to a better remuneration package or even promotion.

There is savings in using video conference to meet because it cuts down on travelling expenses, accommodation and venue hire for meetings. It enables you to work conveniently from home resulting in much improved performance in most cases.

With video conferencing, you are able to conduct your business affairs at any time with people from different parts of the world. You are not tied down by the normal working hours because business transcends the different time zones. This allows you to keep business open 24 hours a day.

If you are not using video conferencing, now is the time to make full use of it because it is easy to use and affordable.

The Importance of Girls Engaging in Sports

There are different reasons as to why sport is important to girls. Apart from being a fun activity, the element of exercise is equally beneficial to both genders apart from the fact that it has a positive effect on the life of a girl.

Sports contribute to the improvement in academic performance of girls in school. Despite the fact that sports requires time to engage in, studies indicate that those playing sports perform better in class than those who opt not to. There are numerous benefits derived including enhanced concentration, superior memory and better learning.

Girls become better team-players in other activities both in the present and the future as result of developing targets and pursuing them. A number of skills are obtained in the process and learning how to be successful is taught through fellow team members, trainers and coaches. Such exposure at a relatively early stage in life prepares girls to cope with future challenges at home and work.

In addition to improved intellectual and personality traits, health benefits do exist well. For example, improving one’s own performance in sports can be achieved through desisting from smoking which weakens the body due to the toxic chemical effects. It also helps to reduce the likelihood of contracting diseases like osteoporosis or breast cancer.

Girls that play sports boost their self-confidence because they are generally healthier. This arises due to the fact that they are able to measure and achieve goals by practicing and improving their performance. Sports aids girls in socializing more often while watching their weight and staying trim.

The heightened activity in sports allows you to cope with pressure by releasing it on the field. It is regarded as a remedy against stress and contributes to a generally happier feeling on the part of the player. This is as a result of certain brain substances being released that help improve moods. Keep in mind that many adolescent girls have to cope with mood swings during menstruation for example. Camaraderie and long-standing relationships among sports players is another major benefit gained from bonding with teammates ever so often. This friendship is extended beyond the playing field.